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Exterior Windows

We clean exterior windows through the Tucker System.

  •  The deionization treatment system in our van removes calcium salts and other minerals from the water, leaving it 99.9% pure.

  • The technician works from the ground with a telescoping pole to scrub and rinse the windows with mineral-free water.

  • The water dries spot-free without the use of a squeegee or wiping.

  • The windows stay clean longer because the window frames are rinsed and no wipe marks are left behind to attract dust.

Scrubbing and rinsing with the Tucker Pole System

Scrubbing and rinsing
Exterior window washing for commercial building.
Tucker Pole in operation
Hand washing for interior window cleaning.

Interior Windows

Interior windows are cleaned by hand

  • We use a cleaning solution of de-ionized water and a mild detergent applied with a tee mop.

  • They are dried with a conventional squeegee and lint-free towels.

  • Window sills are wiped clean.

  • Our technicians are skilled in window cleaning for both residential and commercial accounts.

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